Generations before the advance of the modern world, the lands of the Yakama extended in all directions along the Cascade Mountain Range to the Columbia River and beyond. We considered it land given in trust by the Creator for the use of the living and a heritage to be held and protected for unborn generations.

Treaty of 1855

The Treaty between the United States of America and the Yakama Nation of Indians. Concluded at Camp Stevens, Walla Walla Valley

Remembering Our Veterans

There will be a Pow Wow at White Swan the first week of November starting with a lecture series in the Heritage Theater. Among the honored will be our fallen brothers of the Yakama Nation and Confederated Tribes. Following will be a potluck buffet featuring food of the Yakama Heritage Center and storytelling will follow. Please click on the link for more information about the Veteran’s Day Remembrance Pow Wow.

Mt. Adams

Mount Adams is an impressive mountain that lies partly within the reservation. This mountain is sacred to the Yakama.

Celilo Falls

Celilo Falls, located on the Columbia river east of The Dalles, Oregon, was a well known trading area & sacred fishing grounds of our people. Celilo Falls was flooded in 1957 with the completion of the The Dalles Dam. The Federal Government’s decision to build the dam disregarded the ancient fishing grounds and the W’yam people’s opposition. Our museum recreated the ancient setting of Celilo Falls. We show a young man learning his lessons about the river from his father.